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The care and maintenance of the township road system is the largest function of Troy Township. Responsibility for the roads in Troy Township is divided among the different levels of government. The state of Ohio maintains U.S. Highway 224 and State Route 511; Ashland County maintains County Roads 16, 40, 500 and 1031 (north of CR 40); and Troy Township maintains the following roads:

TR 126
.52 miles
TR 150
2.89 miles
TR 346
.52 miles
TR 350
2.88 miles
TR 462
2.81 miles
TR 791
5.03 miles
TR 931
.26 miles
TR 1031
4.53 miles
TR 4051
.04 miles
TR 4052
.05 miles
TR 4053
.05 miles
Total 11 Roads
19.58 miles

Township Maintenance

While the Township Trustees are required to keep the roads operational, they also have responsibilities for ditches, drains and other surface waters; snow and ice; line fences between adjacent properties; maintaining Township properties, buildings, and equipment; and the control of weeds and brush. Many of the daily duties are performed by the Township Road Supervisor.

The current Road Supervisor, Ron White is available at (419) 652-2251.

Notes: In Troy Township, our long-term goal is to have all of our Township Roads paved, ditched, and in a safe, drivable condition. The unofficial Troy Township Road Strategy:

  1. Ditch, Repair Culverts, Trim Trees
  2. Apply/Receive Road Grants
  3. Utilize Asphalt Millings
  4. Utilize Stone/Gravel
  5. Use Chip and Seal (as needed)
  6. Apply for loans (if needed)