Parks and Cemeteries in Troy Township

Scarborough Park On June 12, 1968, Scarborough Park was dedicated in honor of Milton Scarborough, who gave six and one-half (6 1/2) acres of land to the community for the use of making a ball park and recreation area for both Ruggles and Troy Townships and school. The ball fields were named in memory of Darrell Riffle and Iva Kinter, who were both active members of the ball leagues. The Ruggles-Troy Youth League have gathered donations and put on fund raising projects to pay for the lights around the ball field, build bleachers, and the concession stand. The Nova Lions Club built the pavilion for picnic tables, with a black-top surface under it. They also put up some guardrails and a cement walk. The memorial marker was a community project. The Youth League gathered field stones, and it was constructed by Donald Biddinger and Robert Gast. The brass plaques, in memory of Milton Scarborough, Darrell Riffle, and Iva Kinter, are on the memorial.

Corner Park

The Corner Park, located on the Northeast corner of US Highway 224 and State Route 511, was donated to the Township in the 1980's. In 1932, there was a big fire that destroyed the businesses on this corner, most notably Scarborough's Hardware store. The Nova Lions Club planted an Evergreen Christmas Tree in this park and they decorate it each holiday season. There is also a bench that was donated by the Citizens Against Pollution (CAP) during the 1980's. CAP was a community group that worked to successfully keep a hazardous waste incineration company from locating within Troy Township.

* In October, 2008, the Board of Troy Township Trustees successfully received a grant in the amount of $5,415.26 from the Ashland County Community Foundation for a Parks Improvement grant towards the purchase of white vinyl fencing for the Corner Park, and one set of bleachers and one commercially rated swing set for Scarborough Park.


Nova Cemetery located on the east side of State Route 511 about one-half (1/2) mile north of Nova, is the Nova Cemetery. This cemetery is administered by the Board of Township Trustees. For more information, please contact the Trustees at (419) 652-2251.

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