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What is Neighborhood Watch?
It is a citizen's involvement program in cooperation with the Sheriff's Office. The goal is to provide the local community with several sets of eyes watching over the community and to aid law enforcement officers by being trained observers and by alerting authorities to potential criminal activity.

Why it works.
It's no secret that all law enforcement agencies are strapped for manpower and more eyes on the problem means less chances of the criminals slipping through the cracks. Neighborhood watch provides the community that you live in with unlimited manpower and the Sheriff's Office with valuable information

How does it work?
Simply be a witness. If you see something, call it in right away. Do not wait. If you need to stay on the line with the dispatcher while officers respond, then stay. If the suspect leaves, tell them which way they left.

What are some of the activities of the neighborhood watch?
Distribute anti-crime information, hold public meetings, welcome new members to the community, help senior citizens, watch neighborhood houses when they are left unattended and provide support to law enforcement.

For more information: Call Barbara Roth at 419-651-7814

or visit: National Crime Prevention Council

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